Value proposition

Strategic Matrix model:

All these factors are assumed to interact with each other at varying potentials.

  • Organisational processes will need to be monitored and controlled, and co-ordinated together to provide efficacy of resources. How can we attain the desired objective?
  • By integrating certain disciplinary domains such as branches of philosophy, sociology, mathematics, psychology etc.
  • Negotiating certain epistemology divides, such as positivists science, quantitative/qualitative research and hard/soft sciences.
  • Cross different organisational functions (e.g strategy, operations, HR, organisational behaviour, marketing, information systems, business economics etc).

Unfortunately, the human process of process improvement is itself not an easy task. This is because organisation process is dynamic in that they are constantly changing; circumstances, priorities etc It is our primary responsibility to observe, analyse and interpret this change; perceptions etc for more precision management.


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