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Zogie Associates Reservoir consultancy team comprises of approximately 20 highly experienced geomodelers, Geophysicists, Reservoir Engineers and Geoscientist.

Each geomodeler and Reservoir engineer has a different oil industry background but all are highly competent users of IRAP RMS, Petrel, Eclipse, Nexus, VIP Dependent on a client’s technical request Zogie Associates can provide technical experts specific to the task, be that advanced model building, complex structural models, volumetric and uncertainty modeling or seismic interpretation, time modeling and velocity modeling.

Zogie Associates also has specialist geomodelers, for example;

  1. Highly experienced geomodeller with extensive knowledge of volumetric uncertainty and work flow management
  2. Highly experienced geomodeller & Reservoir engineer working on complex producing fields and development drilling
  3. Experienced geophysicist and modeller specializing in velocity modeling
  4. Experienced geophysicist and modeller specializing in seismic processing and borehole geophysics

Geomodellers/Reservoir geologist, Reservoir Engineers and Geophysicist are provided onsite for long term assignments within existing teams, short term postings for specific technical tasks and for training/mentoring.

Zogie Associates has experienced engineers

  1. Seamless combination of Classical and modern engineering techniques to boost recovery in oil and gas reservoirs
  2. Full re-evaluation of reports, engineering studies, proprietary methodology, key risks and uncertainties, depletion plans, surveillance strategies
  3. Building and History matching of simulation models and the provision production forecasts
  4. Reserves evaluation and booking
  5. Construction of well proposals, mentoring and consultation
  6. Base management/ daily operations of existing well stock, well management and well interventions


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