A theory of management that analyses and synthesises workflow processes, improving labour productions etc the core ideas of this theory were developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor in the 1880s and 1890s.

We at Zogie Associates believe strongly on the dire need to optimise efficiency in all ramifications. We believe that the ultimate resource of any country lies in the people.  We believe that for nations (especially developing countries) to establish themselves globally the following principles must be tapped exponentially:

  • Human/Social/Cultural Capital Development.    -
  • Total Quality and Time Based Management.
  • Incentive wage system enumeration.

Applied to:

  • Skilled labour
  • Semi-skilled labour
  • Unskilled labour

We currently have teams of experts collating relevant information on the above categories for both public and private sector. We have the knowledge management expertise to ensure the following:

  1. Effective training and development of workers
  2. Provide wage incentives for workers at desired output levels.
  3. Selection criteria based on skills, know how, ability, simplicity/complexity of job/task.
  4. Eliminate slow rate of work due to loafing or getting through the day.
  5. Collating and analysing data validity/reliability in areas of operations research, Total quality/time based management, quality control and statistics.


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