About Us


  • Zogie Associates Int’l ltd is an International Strategic Risk Consulting Company that was incorporated on the 7th of June, 2003 to tackle unprecedented levels of changes and challenges experienced by companies worldwide.
  • Strategic Risk Consulting refers to the provision of information, analysis and associated services in the field of international politics and economics, with the aim of providing a better understanding of the risks and opportunities facing businesses, governments and other groups.
  • Our core focus is on developing countries and emerging markets in which political and business risks may be greater, harder to manage, or harder to assess. Change has become a way of life for organisations and we deliver the most effective and competitive resources, skills, technology and ideas in achieving business/ technological/financial objectives.

Management Philosophy
The firm comprises of a global network of dynamic professionals, applied researchers and subject matter experts with tested experience and research based rigor in the following areas:

  • Oil and Gas (Consultancy, Services, Supply, Training & Mentorship)
  • Social Capital (Strategic Networking/Marketing)
  • Logistics and developing Distribution Channels.
  • Security systems and intelligence (Geographical Information System). Refer to our project website www.nuonigeria.org for National planning
  • Business Economics/Research/Development.
  • Human Resource/Project Management (Time and Quality Management).

It is the concern of Zogie associates ltd to bring together a professional network of practitioners (Businesses and individuals) and academicians in order to provide cutting edge technological, financial and managerial solutions. This strategy (Global think tanks) has facilitated the need for providing astute research especially in corporate investigation, forensic accounting, employee screening or vetting, and the provision of security systems, training or procedures.


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